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Online Slots DevelopersWhen it comes to the best online slots many people tend to find a game provider or developer and stick to the games they release. Choosing a slots developer isn’t easy as they all differ greatly in what they offer, but all have something unique to offer.

To make life that little bit easier we take a look at the big names in the business and review each separately, we also show their best casino and the latest games available. When you see the games available now and how things are so advanced it’s difficult to imagine that there were no online casinos before 1994. And since that date the advancements in everything technology related have led to to amazingly crisp, clean and smooth video slots and totally engrossing features.

Top Slots Software Development Companies

  1. Microgming
  2. NetEnt
  3. Paytech

As of 2018, there were over 160 companies providing online casinos with the software solutions that make Internet gambling possible – a figure that is steadily growing along with the industry itself. For players who want to get involved with online casinos, the two most important questions have to be “How good is the gaming experience provided by this software?” and “How good is the integrity provided by this software?” Whether we win, lose or draw when playing at an online casino, we want to be sure that the games we are playing give us a reasonable chance of winning and many software providers go out of their way to demonstrate that they are indeed providing fair play.

It is the software, and not the online casino itself, which is the benchmark for security and fairness. If the software does not have a fairness certification to begin with, there certainly is no guarantee the online casino will be fair. Only after the software is deemed inherently fair, do ongoing monthly payout percentage reports and randomness reviews of the casinos’ backend operating system hold merit.

Most reputable online casinos will only use software on their site which has been tried and tested (as with Ladbrokes Casino and the Microgaming software) and as software licensees are unable to tamper with the software programming, once the software has been acknowledged as fair, it follows suit that the online casino is as well.

Proprietary Online Casino Software

However, not all online casinos rely on third party software house to develop their games on their behalf. 888Casino and Bwin Casino are online casinos which have developed their own (or proprietary) software, and both of these sites have received eCOGRA accreditation for fair and safe play.

eCOGRA is only one of a number of respected independent testers within the gaming industry, and players visiting new online casinos should look out for symbols representing approval from Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), Certified Fair Gambling (CFG) and iTech Labs of Australia. These testers will examine every aspect of the software, with particular interest paid to the Random Number Generator.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is the part of the software which is the mechanism which determines where the ball lands in roulette, the order in which reels spin on a virtual slot machine and which cards are dealt at blackjack. In order for an RNG to pass the tests, millions of hands must be played – none of which should be predicted – and the sum of which should meet payout minimums of 92%. The most competitive online casinos return payouts of 97% and above, and those that met these high levels of fair game play are happy to publish the results on their casino web sites.

For example, with the three online casino sites mentioned above:-

888Casino published figures (September 2010) showing that audited payouts on all games represented 96.60% with blackjack being the most lucrative game, returning figures of 97.91%.

Ladbrokes Casino, using the same auditing process, published figures showing that all games within their online casino returned 97.36%, with video poker showing a very substantial 99.11% payout percentage.

Bwin Casino publish their statistics on the home page of their casino home page. They differentiate between “Instant Games” and those which are available on the downloaded version of the casino software, but the average for all games was 97.12% with their table games (Roulette and Craps) providing players with a 98.07% return.

Testing Online Casino Software For Yourself

Even though you now know where to go to play your favourite game and make the most money, you also want to be sure that the gaming experience is enjoyable. The best way to do this is visit several online casinos and play using the “demo mode” or freeplay options that are available.

Sometimes registration is required before you can download the full software package and get the best out of the games, but you will know pretty soon if you have a feel for the site and, most importantly, if you believe that you are going to make any money there!

Also keep an eye out for the terms and conditions of what may appear to be attractive bonus schemes. Many of these sites exclude low-risk games from the requirements to redeem bonuses, and although this has nothing to do with the quality of the software, you should be able to find the terms and conditions of any special offers quite easily. This is a further gauge that the online casino that you are using is in fact fair (even if the terms are not!).

Online casino software has come a long way since the early days of the Internet, but there are still a small handful of rogue operators in existence who can build glossy software and present what look to be the right credentials. For your own security, if the online casino that you have been recommended to play is unfamiliar to you, check out the accreditation with any of the testers that are mentioned above and enjoy your games in safety. Be lucky!

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