How To Win at Slots, Simple Slot Machine Strategies

How to win at slotsBack in the early days of slot machines, there was plenty of opportunity for both players and casinos to “fix” machines to pay off – or not. The advent of computerized slot machines and computerized online play has all but eliminated any mechanical tampering with slot machines. This leaves players with one option – develop their slot machine skills and trust to Lady Luck.

The harsh reality is that slot machines are among the casino games where the odds are really stacked against the players. However, there are several ways to improve your chances of winning at slots.

How to Improve Your Odds of Winning on Slot Machines

1. Learn everything you can about the game you want to play.
Research slots games online and practice often at gambling websites that offer free slots games. Once you feel comfortable and confident about a particular game, play for real money online or head for the nearest casino.

2. Practice good money management strategies for slots.
Some players find it helpful to play a percentage of their bankroll on each turn. Others like the “step-down” strategy of moving to a machine of lesser denomination when losing on a higher-money game. “Step down” also works for online slots by reducing the amounts of your bets. If nothing else, a strategy could help extend your bankroll to give you more playing time, thus increasing your odds of winning.

3. Stick to your slots budget.
Always remember the cardinal rule of successful gaming; set a budget and stick to it. When you’ve spent all your bankroll on slot machines, get up and go home, having enjoyed a night of gaming entertainment. Don’t bring credit cards along to augment your cash. And if you have problems sticking to your limit, try playing with a buddy, or don’t play at all.

4. If playing in land-based casino, pass up those free alcoholic drinks.
They’re one of casinos’ sure-fire weapons to get gamblers to spend more money. Alcohol significantly impairs judgment, and gambling is a pursuit that requires clear thinking if you intend to win. Keep a soft drink or some water handy to help you say no to the booze.

5. Don’t be afraid to “hit and run”.
Just because you hit a big win early doesn’t mean that fortune will continue to smile on you. The fact is, if you play long enough, the casino will win your bankroll. If you win big, set aside some of the money to continue to play on, but commit to taking the bulk of the money home with you.

6. Study the payout tables at any game you’re playing and do the math.
If the payouts aren’t big enough to justify the amounts you’re betting, it’s time to move to a different game. A good example are all the new and exciting progressives and community slot machines that players flock to. Most of the time to qualify for the top payouts, you need to bet the max which can easily reach $5 or more per spin. If you have a limited bankroll, stick to the video slots where you can play the bonus round without having to bet the max.

Winning at slot machines is just like winning at any other casino game; it takes a combination of luck and educated play. To learn how to win at slots, you must incorporate money management strategies to extend your bankroll and make the most out of every spin. Below are some of the more common slot machine strategies players try to use. *the slot strategies below do not guarantee you a win.

Slot Machine Strategy #1 – The Step-Down Strategy

Let’s suppose you’re playing a £1 slot machine. Keep playing the machine until you’ve wagered half of your bankroll. Now stop and check your credits. Add this amount to the remainder of your beginning bankroll. If the total surpassed your original stake, then play out the amount remaining from your starting bankroll through the same machine. However, if the total of winnings plus half your bankroll doesn’t equal your original stake, then “step down” to 50p machine.

Now play half of what’s left of your starting bankroll at this lower denomination machine. As before, stop and count your winnings and add it to what’s left of your bankroll. If this amount exceeds your stake, “step up” to a £1 machine again. If it doesn’t equal your original bankroll, “step down” again to the next lower denomination of slot machine and repeat the same process.

This strategy has the advantage of extending your playing time, which can increase your chances of winning, without breaking your budget.

Slot Machine Strategy #2 – The Percentage-Play Strategy

Here’s a strategy for the mathematicians among slots players. It involves calculating how much of a bankroll you’ll play on each round of slots play.

For instance, suppose your bankroll for a session is £100, and you decide to play 5 percent of your beginning stake at a £1 game. Therefore, you’re going to play a maximum of five one pound credits on the first round.

If your first round wins, then you’d play 5 percent again on the next push of the button. However, if you lose the first round, you’re down to a bankroll of £95. Do you still want to hold to that same 5 percent, or do you want to reduce it until you win?

The big question with this strategy is when to quit. Many gamblers using this strategy quit when they’ve lost half their bankroll. If they’re winning, some keep playing until they go 10 rounds with no winnings. At this point, you have several choices: try the same strategy at a different machine, switch to the Step Down Strategy at a machine of lesser denomination, or quit for the day and go get yourself a complimentary gambler’s dinner at the buffet. It’s up to you.

Slot Machine Strategy #3 – The Blitz Strategy

Football fans know that a blitz is a risky strategy, and so is this method of slot machine play. A player a lot of courage to try this one.

This method is actually less of a strategy and more of an “all or nothing” proposition.

Simply find a machine that offers what you consider to be high payouts for your bankroll. Choose an amount you want to leave with and then play the max credits until you hit your payout or go bust.

For example, you have £20 and want to leave with at least £100. Even though they’re well outside of your bankroll, high denomination slot machines hit £100 payouts all the time. You can play 1 spin on a £10 machine, 2 spins on a £5 machine, or 10 spins on a £1 machine (assuming a 2-coin max bet).

If you have a portion of your slots bankroll left when on your way out of the casino, the blitz strategy can be a fun way to take a bigger risk for a much larger payout.

Finally, remember that part of the reason people play slot machines is simply that they fun. If you go about your gaming as entertainment, you’ll be more likely to keep your head, play your bankroll intelligently, and end up a winner.

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