How Progressive Jackpot Slots Work & How To Win

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There are many online slots players new and old who play slots games on a daily basis that still do not quite understand what progressive slots games are. In this article we will go over what progressive slots are, how they work, how you can beat progressive slots games and the most common misconceptions behind them.

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Understanding Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots are online slots games where the player essentially increases the potential jackpot of the slot game each time he or she places a bet. This progressive betting by multiple players eventually leads to one gigantic jackpot. You can find progressive slots games at most land based casinos and at all online casinos. If the particular Progressive Slots game you are playing is a part of a bigger network of online slots games such as on the RTG or MicroGaming Platform, then bets placed by players at different online casinos offering the same progressive slots game will also contribute to the growing jackpot.

There are many different types of progressive slots machines online. Individual progressive slots are self-sustainable jackpots whereby they do not contribute to another slot game’s jackpot, or receive any contribution from any other slot machine’s jackpot when they hit. The more popular form of progressive slots is called Linked Progressive Slots which refers to slot machines that are linked to contribute to one main gigantic jackpot. Linked Progressive Slots are good, but Multi-Location progressive slots are great! Multi-Location progressive slots refer to 1000’s of online slots machines at a variety of different online casinos linked together by one contributing jackpot. The jackpot keeps growing until somebody hits it. Typical jackpot amounts are in the millions!

How to Beat Progressive Slots

Although it is possible for casino players to continue playing and winning their bets without hitting the progressive jackpot, many of those slots players who play progressive slots are mainly looking for the big score. When the progressive jackpot finally hits, the player is paid out and the jackpot then resets to its predetermined start amount set by the online casino.

Hitting a progressive slots jackpot is the same as winning the lottery, except with progressive slots games you have better odds of winning, and the jackpots increase with each bet players make. Did we also mention that Progressive Slots jackpots are tax free?

Just like with anything in life, there is no one guaranteed way to hit the jackpot in progressive slots; however with a few simple tips your odds at beating progressive slot can be greatly increased. When playing online Progressive Slots you have to remember that you cannot win every time, and your goal should be to win a higher than average number of times and that’s how you win real money.

To increase your chances of beating Progressive Slots machines, it is best to stay away from games where the jackpot was just recently won. If the Jackpot was won less than a week ago, we suggest you stay away unless of course you were the player that won that jackpot!

Play Progressive Slots at machines where the Jackpot is growing very high as that is a sign it is going to burst at any moment. When looking to beat Progressive Slots games, look for Slot Machines that have a current jackpot balance between £250,000 and £1,000,000. These are the Progressive Slots games that statistically have the best chances of producing winners. Anything below or higher usually means that the game just recently paid out, or the chances of winning the jackpot are extremely low.

It’s fairly simple to find a marked slot machine for using the above strategies on how to beat Progressive Slots machines. All of the online slots casinos we recommend offer a wide variety of Progressive Slots games that are tantalizing for all appetites, regardless of what your budget is. The great thing about Progressive Slots is that they do not discriminate and anybody can be a winner with just a click of the mouse and a consistent betting pattern.

Until next time we hope you’ve enjoyed our take on Progressive Slots games and hope that you will continue to come back here for all the latest in online slots games for players from all over the world!

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