A Better Alternative To Playing FOBTs Machines

Better than FOBTs machines onlineA lot of people enjoy playing casino games on FOBTS which are machines you find in your local bookmakers, FOTBS stands for fixed odds betting terminals and these machines were classed as highly addictive and pretty much a danger to society. It would surprise you that I totally agree and don’t beleive a betting shop is the place to have these games readily available.

So if you’re a fan of FOBTs machines then a much better alternative is to play online slots or at the very least play cheap 20p or lower roulette. The advantages are simple:

Advantages of online Casinos over bookies FOBTs

  • Welcome & Deposit Bonuses
  • Bigger & Better Choice of Games
  • Jackpots in to the Millions of Pounds
  • No-one looking over your shoulder
  • Lower stakes available such as 1p roulette
  • High stakes available

The ability to pick and choose different online casinos to join is a big plus point. Each offers a welcome bonus and the best slots casinos also reward you for loyalty. You won’t get that in your local better shop!

Why on earth people still head to the hughstreet to play roulette is beyond me. In-fact the sam goes fr placing your bets on sport, why? Do it online and get bonuses, promotions, better odds and all the perks you won’t get at the bookies. The choice of games also far outweighs any FOBTs machine. Casumo for example has over 1500 amazing slots and roulette for all budgets. It’s surely a no brainer?

If you have never sign up to an online casino to try then you are missing out. You can play comfortably from your own home, or on the move via your mobile phone or tablet. There really is no need to stand infant of a machine while strangers watch and offer advice on the best way to play.

Casumo Casino

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